How to Find the Perfect Design for Your Roof

When building a new house or renovating your current residence, choosing the right roof can make or break your home’s overall appearance and sturdiness. With a number of styles and options available, finding the perfect roof for your home may seem like an overwhelming task. Here are a few common designs to help you narrow down your choices.

Gable Roofs

MrHQ Quality roofing solutions in AlabamaGable roofs, one of the most simplistic and common roof designs, are the traditional triangle shape with which most people are probably most familiar. Their simple design makes them easy to build and cheaper than more complex options. The biggest drawback to gable roofs is their susceptibility to high winds. In storm and hurricane areas, wind can blow strong enough to strip shingles and even cause the roof to collapse. If there is too much of an overhang, high winds can even lift it away from the surrounding walls.


Flat RoofFlat roof on home addition, MrHQ roofing solutions

Flat roofs are most common on commercial and industrial buildings but can be used on residential buildings to create a very modern aesthetic. Because of their simple design, they are easier to construct than any other roof type. However, they also require more maintenance; without a slope, the roof quickly accumulates leaves and other debris. Metal sheets, and even PVC are commonly used as strong, waterproof construction materials.

The large amount of empty space on top of a flat roof allows you to further customize your home. Solar panels can easily be installed without worrying about how the roof shape will affect the amount of sunlight they receive. Some homeowners even use the space to create rooftop balconies!

Mansard/French Roof

Metal Roofing Solutions in Alabama offers quality roofing materialsMansard roofs are a staple of French Renaissance architecture. They’re particularly common in French Manor and Country style homes. The roof has four double-sloped sides, with the lower slope being much steeper. This gives the roof an almost boxy appearance. Many homeowners like Mansard roofs because they provide a great deal of extra living space, often being used as a spacious attic. Their intricate design usually demands a higher price but the additional square footage gained is often worth the extra cost.


Skillion Roof

A skillion roof is made of one flat, sloping surface. Often referred to as shed roofs, they’re mostly used on sheds or home additions. They are slowly becoming more popular in the construction of contemporary homes. Like flat roofs, they are easy to install and maintain. The added incline allows snow and water to easily run off, solving the problems associated with flat roofs.

Curved Roof

Curved roofs are a leading style in modern home design and can be used to cover an entire home or just a single section. The exact shape and curvature can be customized by the homeowner and architect, allowing you to create a roof that best suits your home’s climate. Metal is the best construction material for curved roofs, capable of being bent into any preferred form and greatly reducing the amount of required maintenance.

Metal Roofing Solutions in Alabama

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